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Akokoa village



Ghana is a new democracy and it will thrive if more people believe in it and participate.  We have created a Tore Community in a village in the hills outside Accra, the country’s capital.  The children of Akokoa village and the students attending the high schools and colleges in the area around are all benefiting from our Foundation’s programme.  Chief Nyako and the elected politicians in the area strongly support our work


In Akokoa village, we run the local elementary school where we provide a broad modern curriculum, including team and group activities such as football and dancing.  We teach the young children all the basics but we try to excite them about the nature and culture of the world around them.  We broaden their outlook and we give them self-confidence and high self-esteem.

Future for 


When students in our Tore Community head out of Akokoa village to high schools in nearby towns, they don’t leave our Tore Community.  We provide them with political education and encourage them to take part in formal debating – a way of getting ready for democratic politics.  We help them to get involved in campaigns and join political parties.  We even sponsor further studies of politics at college level.

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