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Nepal has become a democracy after a long civil war.  It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and has so much potential if it can only achieve a stable democracy.  In a small way, we hope that our Tore Community in Nawalparasi (situated right next to the world-famous Chitwan National Park in the south of the country) will get more young people to be active Nepali citizens.


In Nawalparasi, our Tore Community has focused on the Bote tribe which lives in small settlements next to the Narayani River.  We work closely with the local elementary school to provide a wide curriculum for them, including football, debating and nature-study.  We teach these very poor children about their history and environment.  We make them excited about the world, its possibilities and its problems.

Future for 


In the local high schools, we organise a big local debating competition, which is great training for democracy where students have to listen to other points of view and argue against them rather than fighting them.  They have debated about terrorism, national parks, the death penalty and many other globally and locally controversial topics.  We are getting students ready to campaign on things that matter to them, especially on the main local issue which is the environment.  Their focus, for now, is to campaign to save wildlife from hunting and the national park from destruction – they are on the front line of the fight to save the planet.

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