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About Our Foundation

Encouraging young people into democratic politics

The Projects Abroad Foundation puts into practice the plans of one boy, Tore Eikeland, murdered in the Utøya massacre in Norway in 2011.


Tore’s plan was that more young people should get involved in democratic politics, especially in developing countries where democracy was fragile. The more people take part in democratic politics, the stronger and more stable a democracy becomes.  Democracy is always better than dictatorship.  People are better off and they have a chance to be rule-makers and not rule-takers.


Projects Abroad Foundation puts Tore’s plan into practice in Ghana and Nepal – and eventually in other countries too – by creating Tore Communities with the help of local people. 


In a Tore Community, we broaden the horizons of young children in elementary schools. 


In a Tore Community, we provide political education and debating in high schools. 


In a Tore Community, we help older students to get involved in campaigns and political parties and to study politics.


In Tore Communities in Ghana and Nepal, we have been helping young people to become active citizens and encouraging young people into democratic politics since 2013.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James

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